Acea introduces Water Houses in Rome, and the city fizzes up

Project description

Acea, the leading water supply company in Italy, has launched an innovative service for all the residents of Rome and surrounding areas: “Le Case dell’Acqua” (Water Houses), where the public can stock up, free of charge, on both natural and fizzy mineral water. ItaliaBrandGroup staged a replicable prep event for the company. The day before the event seemed like a guerrilla attack – a real bubble invasion, with the streets covered in floor graphics, road sides for the “Bubble Streets” and eco-balloons, as well as the handing out of bookmarks with invitations to the next day’s actual event. The public launch is a real party event, with a presentation by the authorities, a ribbon cutting ceremony, the release of balloons into the sky, and the distribution of water and brand gadgets by a team of waiters. The first event took place at Mercato Magliana in Rome, followed by others involving ACEA employees who gave out gadgets, info leaflets and water.


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